Tom Smith Development Scammed me on a new home purchase

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Tom Smith of Tom Smith Development Inc.scammed me out of my insulation.

He sold me a home in Florida and it was built using one third the insulation that was written on my purchase contract. For detailed information, contracts, photos etc please see my web site He advertized that the home would have a pantry in the kitchen, (scammed again) none was provided. He advertised a building contractor who was to build the home, (scammed again) he had another contractor pull the permit however Tom Smith contracted out the work himself.

Tom Smith raised the price of the home due to construction price increases, (scammed again) Tom Smith built the home himself and saved the cost of the contractor overseeing the job. He had 30 days per the contract to repair all defects all three pages of defects, (scammed again) he worked on the house over two months and never finished the repairs. The house was of terrible quality, nothing straight, electrical not to plan and not to code. Almost all the glass in the house is scratched and some were broken.

The master tub was not pitched correctly and the water would not completely drain out. Breakers shorted out so whole rooms with no power. His contract is so that one must close regardless of defects and he has 30 days to repair the problems. He is building homes in Florida without a contractor’s license.

He does this by applying for home owners permits and building the homes as if they were for him to live in. Florida law requires the home owner to live in the home for one year to be eligible for this exemption. He has built many homes and never lived a day in any of them this is just the way he saves the cost of the contractor. The Building department and the DBPR are of no help they claim that Developers are not regulated and can do as they please.

So I am here to warn any one reading that they may want to look else were for a home since my experience with Tom Smith was very bad and I have spoken to other home owners who had similar if not worse experiences with Mr. Smith. Since I have been on a campaign to warn other potential buyers and tell of my experiences he has served me with a million or so dollar law suit. I believe he is waiting to serve me with more suits.

A friend of mine Jose Camelo from Columbia South America also had contracted to buy a home from Mr. Smith he did not close the deal, and wanted his deposit back after he realized how bad of a quality home Tom had built. Jose lost his $40K deposit plus $15K in attorney’s fees and ran out of money to fight this millionaire. So Tom Smith won a judgment for an additional $27K I believe this is correct of which Jose does not have.

Mr. Camelo is retired and lives on a fixed income, His entire savings was lost and still Mr. Smith insists on extracting this money from him by taking his home.

Maybe Camelo and I cannot be saved however I will make every attempt to spread the word for others to heed.Thank You Ricardo Estrada 954-213-2563



I have purchased a unit from Smith .with an association with fee month the reaming 3 units where suppose all going to be sold and never did ..they are all rentals and being the owner of 1 unit while the others are rental no one takes care of this building the owner the unit is poorly built the walls are craking no insulation in the attic the ceiling is caving in and the roof is leaking everywhere .

the property if falling apart, gates , fence , weeds everywhere , rats , garbage piling up on the side of the property the rentals have been rented to , drug dealers , alcoholics...Nice developer


To Matthew Dorsey and joseph dixon I suggest that before you humiliate your selves in the future if you have one, confer with the source of the complaint to be able to have an intelligent argument. If this is beyond you I recommend sitting idle as you guys did but with a keyboard that was the error. Lessons learned!


In reference to Mr.Dixon's post, why would he call Mr.

Estrada a liar just because he had a different experience?I bet Dixon works for Tom Smith.

Timberlake, North Carolina, United States #18516

Tom Smith has been nothing but agreeable and easy to work with, both during and after the townhouse I purchased from him. He was open to suggested modifications, was prompt in returning calls, and even bought back materials when I chose to replace them with my own. I believe that the townhouse was fairly priced based on the market at time of sale and that I received a product in which I can take pride in calling my home. Mr. Estrada's comments are literally in direct contradiction to my own experience.

Matthew J. Dorsey

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #18376

i purchased home from tom smith development and also know other homeowners that have done the same.Nobody has any issues with tom smith development except this guy rick estrada who is a real estate investor that is upset he lost deposit because the real estate market changed .

estrada is nothing more than a liar. Where are all other unhappy buyers ?

estrada is the only one.beaware of rick estrada

to joseph dixon #808643

I was wondering if the townhouse's that have been in question, are the ones in what is called Progresso Neighborhood on NW 2nd ave near Andrews and Sunrise.I drove by these homes and from the outside look very nice.

If anyone can give me more info I would greatly appreciate it.You can email me at

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